Leo Child Names

Leo Child Names
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Sometimes you don’t need to roar else just three letters would get you the attention. Leo dates back since Romans era and kings, saints, emperors all names are acquired by it.

Leo is the Latin name for “lions”. In the German language, its short form is Leon or Leopold that means brave people. Well, few popular people are named after Leo’s like Leo Tolstoy, Leonardo Di Caprio etc.

Leo baby is born between July 23rd to August 22nd and along the three fire signs including Aries and Sagittarius. These cute lions are known best for their creative, feisty, passionate and generous nature. Leos are dynamic leaders and a party animal, this dynamism is a gift of their element fiery sun. Their self-confidence is the strength that drives people towards them. Whatever they think they achieve with a gusto and failure is not mentioned in their dictionary.

Being a dominant personality Leos are surrounded by admirers which sometimes leads them to self-constrained and self- obsessed, although they do not let their friends get affected by this. They are loyal and warm towards their acquaintances.

Leo is the fifth sign amongst the 12 zodiac signs represent the mature phase of age between 28 and 35. This star sign is also named as Constellation of Leo which since Vedic times is connected with the sun. Both the strong elements are gathered in one- lion being the strongest and King of Jungle and Sun being the planetary source for all planetary system.

Leo babies are the ruler of the house and straightforward. They are demanding in nature and keep their wish precise since birth. They attain absolute attention from everyone and can be denoted as kings and queens due to popularity. They are playful, cuddly, joyful and attention seeker. As a toddler, it’s hard to tame them as they do not take kindly to strict words.

Being a Leo child-parent you should be aware of the fact that they are the very center of the universe, ruled by the sun that cannot be tied in emotions and needs. However, if tough time strikes they will always stand as a lion- a protector of the family.

This is a powerful star sign which needs a commanding name accordingly. Therefore we have listed few names that go well with the personality of your little one.

Let’s take a tour of some awesome baby names for Leo’s

Leo Girl NamesMeaningLeo Boy NamesMeaning
ArielLion of godApolloSun god
AureliaGoldenAslanA Turkish lion
GoldieThe golden oneAustinFrom the name Augustine
GloriaGloryEricHonorable Ruler
LeonaLike a lionKellanPowerful
OraGoldLeanderMan of lions
RubyJuly birthstoneLewisFamous warrior

Some Famous Leo celebrities are

Jennifer Lopez, J.K. Rowling, Kylie Jenner, Sandra Bullock, Madonna, Mila Kunis, Demi Lovato, Bill Clinton, Neil Armstrong, Roger Federer, Arnold, Barack Obama and many more which cannot be listed in one.

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